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Surprise your guests or customers by adding black sea salt flakes to your next dish. These flakes will add an earthy taste that will catch your dinner guests or diners completely off guard. Most will be expecting a peppery taste and will be thrilled with the new taste sensation popping on their palates. This seasoning is an elegant salt that makes its own fashion statement in the culinary world.

These black flakes consist of sea salt that has had activated charcoal added to it. Activated charcoal has been used for years as a detoxifying agent and for this reason many people claim that this type of salt has its own health benefits.

These salts offer a dramatic appearance when sprinkled on light-coloured foods of all types and will enhance not only the look but the flavour of your dishes. Sprinkle the salt flakes on potato fries, deviled or boiled eggs, your favourite fish or on a tomato salad for added zest and appeal. Top off the last mozzarella layer of your lasagna with these bold salt flakes to absolutely stun your dinner guests.

Gourmet salts have become increasingly popular during the last few years and for good reason. They can add a brand new dimension to a dish that can’t be accomplished with regular table salt alone. You’ll love the texture of these flakes with their big crunch and unique taste.

Distinguished chefs worldwide are now adding black sea salt flakes to their restaurant pantries and foodies everywhere are adding them to their growing collection of gourmet salts. It’s a great salt to have around when you want to add some flair and drama to a finished meal.

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