Himalayan Salt Therapy for Spas

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Himalayan Salt Therapy for Spas

Salt treatments, also known as halotherapy, is becoming increasingly popular and many customers are calling their local spas to find out if it is being offered. This type of therapy offers a variety of benefits to the clients at a spa and improves the revenue for the owners. Nowadays clients are looking for ways to improve their spa experiences and as a spa owner or manager you have the ability to deliver more options through various salt therapies.

Himalayan salt contains 84 different trace minerals that can be absorbed through the cells in the skin. Not only does it help to balance the pH level in the body but it can improve circulation, soothe the nervous system and much more. Fine Himalayan salt can also be incorporated into other treatments used for skin exfoliation. Use it with a hand, facial or foot scrub to add extra benefits to the treatment.

More and more spas are adding salt rooms to their lists of treatment options. Clients enter the room and are surrounded by Himalayan salt. This salt is inhaled at a low concentration just by sitting in the room, which can help with respiration, improve the immune system and reduce tissue inflammation.

This is a natural, non-invasive therapy that has been used across Europe as a conventional respiratory treatment and is covered by a number of different health insurers. The success rate for this treatment is 70% for adults and 90% for children. Although it is relatively new in Canada, it is catching on quickly.

As the research continues into Himalayan salt the widespread benefits become more obvious. Although it’s delicious to eat and a healthy way to season your food, there are many other ways to appreciate everything that this salt has to offer.

If you are the owner or manager of a health spa and need Himalayan salt in bulk, please get in touch with 24K Salt through our distributor at 1-800-206-1177. You can also use the contact form on our website to ask about wholesale prices or our different varieties of Himalayan salt.

Add Black Sea Salt Flakes to your Pantry

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Add Black Sea Salt Flakes to your Pantry

Surprise your guests or customers by adding black sea salt flakes to your next dish. These flakes will add an earthy taste that will catch your dinner guests or diners completely off guard. Most will be expecting a peppery taste and will be thrilled with the new taste sensation popping on their palates. This seasoning is an elegant salt that makes its own fashion statement in the culinary world.

These black flakes consist of sea salt that has had activated charcoal added to it. Activated charcoal has been used for years as a detoxifying agent and for this reason many people claim that this type of salt has its own health benefits.

These salts offer a dramatic appearance when sprinkled on light-coloured foods of all types and will enhance not only the look but the flavour of your dishes. Sprinkle the salt flakes on potato fries, deviled or boiled eggs, your favourite fish or on a tomato salad for added zest and appeal. Top off the last mozzarella layer of your lasagna with these bold salt flakes to absolutely stun your dinner guests.

Gourmet salts have become increasingly popular during the last few years and for good reason. They can add a brand new dimension to a dish that can’t be accomplished with regular table salt alone. You’ll love the texture of these flakes with their big crunch and unique taste.

Distinguished chefs worldwide are now adding black sea salt flakes to their restaurant pantries and foodies everywhere are adding them to their growing collection of gourmet salts. It’s a great salt to have around when you want to add some flair and drama to a finished meal.

Our company, 24K Salt, is a premier supplier that understands that salt can be much more than just a seasoning. We offer our gourmet salts in bulk quantities at wholesale prices to discriminating restaurants, chefs and foodies across North America. Find out more about black sea salt flakes and how you can add them to your personal or commercial pantry by visiting 24Ksalt.com or by calling our distributor Qualifirst directly at 1 (800) 206-1177.

Wholesale Salt Distributor in Canada

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Wholesale Salt Distributor in Canada

If you’re looking for cases, pallets or even truckloads of salt at wholesale prices, look no further than 24K Salt. We provide the highest quality wholesale salt at cost-effective prices. Our company has become one of the most trusted names in the industry of gourmet salt and our reputation speaks for itself.  Choose from a wide selection of premium salts for your restaurant or industrial facility to keep the quality high and the prices low.

We specialize in gourmet and specialty salts and can provide them in bulk quantities. Some of our most popular salt selections include the following:

Black Sea Salt

Black sea salt has become the latest trendsetter in terms of finishing salts with its chic black lustre. Our salt is a mix of sea salt and activated charcoal that come together to provide an earthy taste and an exquisite colour.  This salt can be used as a table salt or can be used to finish dishes before they are put on the table. Try black salt on deviled eggs, chicken, salmon and much more to enhance the flavour of the food and to give it a sparkling presentation.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan salt is known as the purest type of sea salt available on the market. It’s a beautiful salt with a pink colouring, which represents its rich supply of iron and other minerals. It has a pleasant crunch to it and can be used as a replacement for regular table salt. It also works well as a finishing salt for a number of meat dishes, on chocolates or in salads. This is a healthy alternative to processed table salt and is especially appreciated in health-conscious restaurant settings.

Sea Salt

Sea salt presents its own flavour dimension when used as a seasoning for poultry, fish and meat. It has long been used by distinguished chefs across the world because it has the unique ability to flavour dishes without additives or a bitter aftertaste. Sea salt is also an excellent finishing spice for seafood, deviled eggs and meats that are being served fresh from the grill.

At 24K Salt we also offer a number of specialty salts that come with high recommendations from foodies across the nation. Try our Sea salt with Truffle or our Smoked Sea Salt Flakes to add some variety to your favourite recipes.

When you need wholesale salt please visit our website at 24ksalt.com or contact our distributor Qualifirst directly at-1-800-206-1177. Salt has never tasted this good!

Cooking with Black Sea Salt

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Cooking with Black Sea Salt

Create amazing presentations using Black Sea salt and open the door to a new set of flavours. This salt is a mixture of sea salt with crystalline flakes and activated charcoal that gives it an earthy taste and its own distinct colour. Add it to deviled eggs or a tossed salad as a finishing touch or on any type of meat to add a surprising black salty crunch.

The black colour of the sea salt comes from the addition of activated charcoal. This gives the salt an earthy, rich undertone. While the majority of sea salts tend to lose their intensity while they are cooking, black sea salt retains its robust qualities. Many chefs tend to add sea salt to the dish just before it is served but this doesn’t have to be the case with this black salt. This gives chefs more options in terms of cooking with salt in general. This type of salt can be used for roasting fish and chicken and then can be applied later as a finishing salt.

Black salt enhances food with a bold, crisp taste and is used mainly as a finishing salt in prepared dishes. It’s perfect for seasoning potatoes, vegetables, sushi, sandwiches, eggs, salads, any type of meat, seafood and so much more. It also looks beautiful when used as a garnish for appetizers and entrées. It adds a surprising twist because you’ll be instinctively expecting a peppery taste instead of a salty one!

In order to finish a dish with this type of salt simply sprinkle the culinary creation with the black salt on the food surface and then enjoy a bite. You’ll notice that this salt presents an intense new flavour to the food with a salty zing and a hint of smoky sweetness.

If you love gourmet sea salts you’ll want to add black sea salt to your spice rack. It’s an innovative salt that can add a whole new dimension to foods while boosting the presentation of them. These black salts are also becoming increasingly popular and a number of recipes are placing this type of salt in their lists of ingredients.  Make sure that you have enough of this salt on hand by placing an order through Qualifirst at (800) 206-1177. If you have any questions about black salt or other gourmet salts you can also visit our website at 24ksalt.com.

Buy Bulk Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

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Buy Bulk Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan sea salt should be a staple in any food establishment or home. This is the purest form of salt available and it contains a number of rich minerals including iron. It tastes even better than regular table salt and makes a beautiful presentation sitting on a table in a see-through shaker.

If you are a chef and use Himalayan sea salt on a regular basis, you can purchase it in bulk through Qualifirst. We only sell the highest quality salt available and offer it at wholesale prices. When you want to get the best price for your Himalayan salt, place your order today by calling us at 1 (800) 206-1177. We offer this pink sea salt in pallets, cases and even truckloads.

The pink hue of the salt signifies its varying and rich mineral supply. It’s a naturally formed salt with the minerals working in synergy. As a result, some of the health benefits include increased hydration, balanced pH levels, an electrolyte balance and better regulation of water content within the cells.

When a piece of Himalayan salt is placed beneath a microscope, the crystal forms a perfect geometric pattern. The nutritional elements in the salt are absorbed easily by the body on a cellular level. For this reason, many health food establishments and restaurants serve only pink Himalayan sea salt and have ditched refined table salt altogether.

These days, people are more health conscious and interested in the foods that they are consuming. Serving a healthy alternative to refined salt will be appreciated by a lot of customers and they will be talking about the salt you are serving to their friends. This salt can be substituted for any salt you are currently using as a delicious alternative with healthy benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt is often used to make salt rubs and brine solutions for many meat recipes and can be used for seasoning any prepared dish. Many chefs agree that a high quality Himalayan salt adds to the flavour of a food creation. After all, food is the basic source of energy for our bodies and provides us with the life force we need to carry on.

Offer your customers something completely different and healthy by stocking up on pink Himalayan sea salt. When you purchase it in bulk you’ll be reducing your costs and can then offer it to your customer base on your dining tables without an added expense. You can also use it to prepare your culinary delights and know that you are doing your part to add a healthy component to all of your dishes. Order bulk Himalayan salt today by visiting 24ksalt.com.

Shop Canada’s Specialty Salt Supplier

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Shop Canada’s Specialty Salt Supplier

When you’re looking for the key to delicious, confident cooking, look no further than salt. It is found both at the beginning and end of a dish and is often the make or break point of the meal. In some cases, salt affects the cooking process itself and doesn’t just enhance the flavor. It can draw out the moisture of sweating vegetables to make them soften faster and can denature proteins.

Salt is also used for caramelization, browning effects, and to help yeast rise. When it comes to confident cooking, it’s not always about following a recipe precisely but rather using the proper ingredients that can make a dish shine.

When choosing your salt, it’s definitely worth the time and the money to shop for the best of the best. Salt adds a new depth of flavor to a recipe so that you can create a delicious dish every time. You can expect savory results when you choose gourmet salt over regular grocery store products and yes – you will definitely notice the difference when using a higher grade salt.

It’s also important to know the difference types of salts available and to feel confident enough to experiment with them. Himalayan pink salt, for example, is the purest form of salt available and is full of trace minerals. It’s a smoother salt without the bitterness or harshness that is commonly found in salt containing additives. This type of salt is a welcome addition to any cook’s spice rack.

Sea salt enhances any food’s natural flavors and is a healthier alternative to the traditional salt that you’ll find on most restaurant tables. This salt can be used to season anything from grilled meat to salads and it cures brining meat and fish perfectly.

For something completely different, try a sea salt and truffle mix that brings out the best of lamb, beef, and other grilled red meat. The combination of black truffle and sea salt is a brand-new taste sensation that adds a luxurious element to snacks, french fries, mashed potatoes and much more.

If you’re an industry professional or a restaurant owner you can purchase these gourmet salts and many others in bulk through our wholesale program and enjoy wholesale pricing. For more information about our salt and pricing, please visit our website  or contact our valued distributor, Qualifirst, at 1 (800) 206-1177.