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Sea salt in coffee? Yes, it’s true! This combination has become a powerful trend that has recently made its way over from Taiwan. The top coffeehouse in Taiwan, the 85C Bakery Café, has started to serve coffee with sea salt in it, and it has instantly become the café’s best-selling drink. This café is the biggest chain of coffee houses in Taiwan and is currently making its way into China.

In Taiwan, it’s not uncommon to sprinkle salt on several fruits such as watermelon and pineapple to bring out more of their sweet taste. Sprinkling some salt into a coffee has also become popular, which creates a salty foam.

How to Make Sea Salt Black Coffee

While there are many variations to this recipe, here is one that you can explore to help you get started with this coffee delicacy.

Brew some coffee to your liking and then pour it into 2 separate cups. Allow the coffee to cool down while you are making the sea salt cream. Whip 4 ounces of heavy whipping cream until it reaches soft peaks. Then, add half a teaspoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of white sugar to the cream. Whip the mixture again until the peaks become harder. The foam should be thick enough that it can float on the coffee but also thin enough so that it can also drip slightly. Scoop the sea salt cream with a spoon and allow it to drip onto the coffee. There should be enough foam to completely cover both cups of coffee.

Sea salt coffee is making its way to the West with more and more cafés offering it to their guests. If you are interested in serving this type of coffee or use specialty coffees in your events, you can find some of the best high quality sea salt through us at We offer discount pricing when you order in bulk through our distributor, Qualifirst, so contact us today!