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Himalayan sea salt should be a staple in any food establishment or home. This is the purest form of salt available and it contains a number of rich minerals including iron. It tastes even better than regular table salt and makes a beautiful presentation sitting on a table in a see-through shaker.

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The pink hue of the salt signifies its varying and rich mineral supply. It’s a naturally formed salt with the minerals working in synergy. As a result, some of the health benefits include increased hydration, balanced pH levels, an electrolyte balance and better regulation of water content within the cells.

When a piece of Himalayan salt is placed beneath a microscope, the crystal forms a perfect geometric pattern. The nutritional elements in the salt are absorbed easily by the body on a cellular level. For this reason, many health food establishments and restaurants serve only pink Himalayan sea salt and have ditched refined table salt altogether.

These days, people are more health conscious and interested in the foods that they are consuming. Serving a healthy alternative to refined salt will be appreciated by a lot of customers and they will be talking about the salt you are serving to their friends. This salt can be substituted for any salt you are currently using as a delicious alternative with healthy benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt is often used to make salt rubs and brine solutions for many meat recipes and can be used for seasoning any prepared dish. Many chefs agree that a high quality Himalayan salt adds to the flavour of a food creation. After all, food is the basic source of energy for our bodies and provides us with the life force we need to carry on.

Offer your customers something completely different and healthy by stocking up on pink Himalayan sea salt. When you purchase it in bulk you’ll be reducing your costs and can then offer it to your customer base on your dining tables without an added expense. You can also use it to prepare your culinary delights and know that you are doing your part to add a healthy component to all of your dishes. Order bulk Himalayan salt today by visiting