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Create amazing presentations using Black Sea salt and open the door to a new set of flavours. This salt is a mixture of sea salt with crystalline flakes and activated charcoal that gives it an earthy taste and its own distinct colour. Add it to deviled eggs or a tossed salad as a finishing touch or on any type of meat to add a surprising black salty crunch.

The black colour of the sea salt comes from the addition of activated charcoal. This gives the salt an earthy, rich undertone. While the majority of sea salts tend to lose their intensity while they are cooking, black sea salt retains its robust qualities. Many chefs tend to add sea salt to the dish just before it is served but this doesn’t have to be the case with this black salt. This gives chefs more options in terms of cooking with salt in general. This type of salt can be used for roasting fish and chicken and then can be applied later as a finishing salt.

Black salt enhances food with a bold, crisp taste and is used mainly as a finishing salt in prepared dishes. It’s perfect for seasoning potatoes, vegetables, sushi, sandwiches, eggs, salads, any type of meat, seafood and so much more. It also looks beautiful when used as a garnish for appetizers and entrées. It adds a surprising twist because you’ll be instinctively expecting a peppery taste instead of a salty one!

In order to finish a dish with this type of salt simply sprinkle the culinary creation with the black salt on the food surface and then enjoy a bite. You’ll notice that this salt presents an intense new flavour to the food with a salty zing and a hint of smoky sweetness.

If you love gourmet sea salts you’ll want to add black sea salt to your spice rack. It’s an innovative salt that can add a whole new dimension to foods while boosting the presentation of them. These black salts are also becoming increasingly popular and a number of recipes are placing this type of salt in their lists of ingredients.  Make sure that you have enough of this salt on hand by placing an order through Qualifirst at (800) 206-1177. If you have any questions about black salt or other gourmet salts you can also visit our website at