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Flavoured salt has become extremely popular lately, providing chefs with the opportunity to create adventurous meals with different flavours. Foodies everywhere are looking for unconventional taste combinations and are willing to try out new tastes and textures. The millennial customer base, which may be an important part of your regular clientele, are especially enamored with all of the newest food trends such as avocado on toast.

There is a resurgence of flavoured salt in the world of cooking, and if you’re a chef, you should take advantage of the opportunity to create something different with your desserts, drinks and regular meals.

Truffle Sea Salt

Sprinkle this coarse truffle sea salt on baked potatoes or over freshly cooked French fries. Add some of this truffle salt to meats before roasting, pasta dishes, vegetables or even on popcorn to spice it up and to create a surge of new customers. You’ll probably have a few ideas of your own when it comes to incorporating the vibrant taste of sea salt with the earthy tone of truffles into one your dishes.

Smoked Sea Salt

Enjoy the pleasure of salt and smoke in this finishing salt that adds a special crunch to a variety of meats. Use it on your next grilled meat or fish dish or add it to a special rice dish as the finishing touch. You can also create a brand-new recipe using the delicious combination of smoky and salty to impress your customers.

Jump on the trending wave of flavoured salts to liven up your meal presentations. You may just create the next new viral hit on social media with your customers taking pictures of the food on their plates and then sharing them with others! Discover the salt flavours we offer to restaurants at discount pricing for bulk orders at