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Pyramid sea salt adds a brand-new dimension to prepared meals with its crunchy texture and full, robust taste. This salt can be used for seasoning during the food preparation or as the perfect finishing topping to a meal. Connoisseur chefs all over the world value this salt due to its rich, unique flavour, its pure qualities and its crunchy bite. Restaurant owners can wow their guests by using pyramid sea salt as a finishing salt on vegetables, fish, salads, meats or on the rim of a drink.

Sea salt naturally contains many trace minerals that supply the body with the electrolytes needed to maintain a healthy balance. The sea salt is sun-dried so that it can retain its health benefits, while the refined salt that’s commonly found on dining tables is kiln-dried, which removes the precious trace minerals. Traditional table salt is unnatural and hard for the body to process.

Sea salt also offers a better taste than regular table salt with an earthy tone, a mix of complex flavours and a tangy bite. When used during the cooking process, most chefs use less sea salt, since it is stronger and more flavourful.

Pyramid sea salt takes on a hollow pyramid shape as the water evaporates from it. This salt also has a gentle sweetness to it and a distinctive texture that can’t be found in any other type of salt. When you’re looking for something completely different that will go the extra mile, this is the salt to turn to.

When you want to have your guests raving about your food preparations and letting their friends know about the amazing menu on offer at your food establishment, finish off the dish with pyramid salt. This is a stand-alone food product that distinguished chefs use around the world on their signature dishes.

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