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When you watch the professional cooking shows, you’ll notice that the top chefs in the world turn to salt when they are cooking. Not only does it add a salty flavour to food, but it can also suppress bitterness and intensify sweetness while enhancing a savoury and sweet taste. Salt can also make the aroma of the food more intense, which adds to the overall presentation of the dish.

Salt takes away bitter flavours, and many coffee lovers add a tiny pinch of salt to their coffee grounds before the brewing begins. This flavour change occurs at a molecular level, and it isn’t known how the reaction actually occurs. The same process can bring out the sweetness of a food as well at the same time. The bitterness decreases while the sweetness increases.

Many Italian chefs add salt to their sauces to remove the bitterness of the tomato seeds while raising the sweetness level. At the same time, the natural aroma of the food is magnified. When the profile of the flavour is altered, it changes the synergy of the smell and taste.

Salt should be added to a steak at least 40 minutes before grilling in order to break down the muscle fibers to make it tender. It can also be added directly before grilling the steak in order to produce a brown, even crust. Salt added at the end of the cooking process once the steak hits the plate leaves behind a dominant flavour and a salty aftertaste without changing the chemistry of the steak.

There is a lot of science behind adding salt to food during the cooking process. Chefs in fine restaurants across the world know that salt is an important part of preparing a meal and stock up on the highest quality salt available. If you need bulk quantities of salt for your dining establishment please contact us at 1-800-206-1177 or get in touch through our website at We offer discount wholesale pricing for bulk orders.