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If you regularly prepare baked goods and are looking for an added hint of salt, regular salt will not necessarily give you the more refined taste you are looking for.. Even though you’re only adding a small amount of salt, don’t make the mistake of taking the rock for granted – a more distinctive sea salt brings out the best flavour of your baked goods, and especially accentuates the taste of flour, butter and chocolate.

Salt not only adds a special flavour to baked items, but it also helps gluten retain more carbon dioxide and water. It also helps to produce a tighter and stronger crumb – even a ½ teaspoon of salt can make an enormous difference when it comes to preparing your favorite baked goods.

While many chefs cook with kosher salt, it is typically much coarser than sea salt and is also iodized, so you’re actually getting less salt per measurement. This can affect the final product, since baking recipes featuring salt depend on the chemical interaction of the salt for texture and leavening purposes.

Experience a different texture and taste with your baked goods by using sea salt, which originates from evaporated sea water. It offers its own briny flavour and a cleaner type of salt taste that doesn’t assault the taste buds like regular salt does.

If you are baking regularly, salt can disappear quickly, so you’ll need to have a large stock of sea salt available at all times. Find out more about premium sea salt through our website at, or contact us today to learn more about our bulk pricing of gourmet sea salt.