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Cooking with salt and other spices is a balancing act to get the savoury, acidic and salty flavours perfectly aligned. While some chefs use too much salt, others don’t use enough and it affects the dish. It’s all about knowing how much salt to use to make the food taste delicious. It’s the proper seasoning skills that distinguish the top chefs in the world from the others.

Salt is the king when it comes to seasonings. Sea salt and Himalayan salt are great options for cooking since they are less sodium- dense than regular table salt. Many Canadians are afraid to use salt in their cooking due to the bad publicity about consuming too much of it. While there is truth to this statement, it’s also true that 77% of the sodium intake for Canadians comes from restaurant and processed food while only 5% comes from food that has been home-cooked.

Reach for sea salt and Himalayan salt when you’re preparing your home-cooked meals. Allow your fingers to do the seasoning and let the salt fall from a distance above the food. This allows you to coat the food evenly and it won’t take long before you’re salting your food like a pro.

Another trick is to add salt to the dish at every stage. Add a little bit at a time and taste the food along the way whenever possible. This is especially true when you’re preparing soup, stews, chilies and other dishes that involve a variety of different steps.

When you salt your food this way, the layers have a bolder flavour, which adds an intensity to the overall taste of the final dish. When you add salt only at the end, the seasoning can become overbearing and the food can taste salty instead of salt-enhanced. There is a big difference between the 2 and this is what distinguishes great chefs from average ones.

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